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Early Career Researcher
Mentor Program

OBJECTIVE: To engage early career researchers with industry mentors.

A networking function over morning coffee and cake.

Mentors will be invited from relevant industry sectors and early career researchers that attend APSS 2024 will be encouraged to attend the networking function. Professors Roura, Choct and Crowley will do an introduction at the beginning of the session and then encourage mentors and mentees to engage in activities and conversations for the rest of the session.

Short-term outcome.

An ‘ice-breaker’ between academic researchers and industry representatives, leading to increased communication and discussion about industry relevant research ideas. This improvement in dialogue aims to produce more industry relevant research proposals, increasing their chance of success and impact on the industry. By holding this event at the beginning of the conference it is anticipated that it will enable further discussion and interaction at the rest of the conference.

Long-term outcomes.

A culture shift to ensure continual dialogue between researchers and industry. It is imperative for the future of the Australian poultry industry that academic research is industry applicable, and that the next generation of researchers are aware of, and value, the importance of industry consultation when designing and implementing research projects. Early career researchers are at the point in their career where they are establishing expertise in their chosen field, supervising PhD students and developing research groups. Therefore, targeting this demographic may have an exponential effect on research culture, as early career researchers continue to develop and influence their research team. Additionally, the steep learning curve from PhD to early career research may require additional support that may not always be available within the academic space.



  • Active career in the Poultry Industry.
  • Attending APSS 2024.
  • Committed to developing a network with early career researchers.
  • See the value in the proposed mentee/mentor relationship, both ways.


  • Researcher working within an Australian University or research institute.
  • Attending APSS 2024.
  • Currently completing PhD candidature or received PhD within the past 3 years.  

Registration for this event is through an expression of interest check-box on the Online Registration form for the conference. Further information will be sent via email to interested parties closer to the date.